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Nicola Wealth is a full-service Wealth Management firm offering risk management, taxation, estate planning, and investment advisory services that help business owners, professionals, and other high net worth individuals reach their financial goals.

Industry: Financial Services

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  • The client used to provide its users with a traditional off-the-shelf solution for portfolio management. This meant incapability to enhance the software with the client’s tailored features to fine-tune custom portfolios.
  • The increasing business demanded a tool for a full cycle of operation with portfolios and a customizable interface layout. So the company decided to get a custom portfolio management application capable of providing users with the best customer engagement experience.


  • Scalex, with its experience in the development of tailored digital solutions and a previous record of successfully delivering FinTech projects, designed and developed essential features for portfolio management applications required by advisors.
  • The new application provides advisors with instruments that optimize their day-to-day business activities. This comprises initial customer conversation, ongoing discussions, compliance, performance, tax reporting, and billing. The solution also consists of modeling, comparison, and analysis tools.


  • The new portfolio management solution allowed the client to accomplish the purposes of cutting costs on the traditional software, implementing a portfolio management solution customizable for business requirements, and providing the best service to the users.
  • With the portfolio management application, the client was also able to accomplish outstanding financial results and had a direct impact on bringing more assets to the platform.

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Technologies we leveraged while developing Nicola Wealth

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