Key Features

Linking the Banking Account: You need to link your bank account details with the eWallet from where you would be making transactions and other payments.


Adding the Money into Account: You can add more money in wallet by using card, 3D secured pin and passwords. 


The eWallet Passbook: You can check your transaction history.


Bill Payment or Recharge: Wallize allows you to pay your important bills including electricity, water tax, and phone bill.


Flight and Train Reservations: It lets you book your flight, and train tickets and do bus reservations.


Shopping for Grocery and other Products: You can do online grocery shopping for various categories including accessories, apparel, household items, electronic appliances, mobile phones and cars and bikes.

Tech Stack

Technologies we leveraged while developing Wallize app

Our process

Our standardized mobile app development process makes use of a specific set of capabilities, resources, and related tools to successfully plan, develop and deliver desired mobile app within the predetermined budget and time-frame

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