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Our Mobile DevOps solutions help in meeting the challenges between development, operations, and quality assurance, thus, ensuring the successful delivery of products, while augmenting operational performance.

Benefits of Mobility DevOps

Being one of the top DevOps development companies, which excels at customizing Cloud implementations, reducing costs while enhancing scalability, reliability, and security of the product, we have served clients across the world. With our best-in-class Mobility DevOps services & solutions, we excel in delivering faster and more reliable products— no matter how small or big is the IT department or which tools and technologies they are using. Some of our services include:

DevOps adoption

  • Mobility DevOps adoption in Web/Mobile development becomes inevitable, considering market demands and customer experience.
  • However, it’s not easy to set up a practice as it requires a lot of technical and business decisions but once implemented properly will bring great value.

Challenges in adopting DevOps processes for Apps development

  • Multiple target platforms, including OS versions, various devices, and hardware specifications, among others.
  • Google Play Store and App Store deployments. Mobile apps cannot be used directly on a mobile device. They have to be submitted and reviewed through deployment processes.
  • Apps testing is significant to deliver best-in-class user experience and gain more market traction.

Principles ease DevOps adoption for Apps development

Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery

  • Increase the frequency and pace of releases so you can innovate and improve your product faster.
  • Better maintenance of platform-specific target builds
  • Automated builds, versioning, and deployments

Continuous Testing and Monitoring

  • Given the number of platforms and different devices, it’s not possible to test the responsiveness of an app manually; hence build and test automation becomes crucial.
  • Distinct environments for Dev, QA, Stage, and Prod
  • Continuous monitoring for logs and crash reporting using the third-party tools

Continuous Improvement

  • Continuously monitor and acknowledge the user feedback for future enhancements

Technologies We Trust

Code Repository

Our adept team put in great efforts to organize and store the code in a code repository so that it can be used again and again for further development. It helps us in organizing and storing the code, thus forming a single source of vital knowledge and the center of all tasks and activities.

CI/CD Tools

Being a certified AWS partner, We specialize in automating build, testing, and deployment of your applications using AWS DevOps tools. Our team possesses experience and expertise in CI/CD (Continuous Integration/Continuous Development), fully enhancing and automating the CI/CD process using AWS including AWS Code Build, AWS Code Deploy, AWS Pipeline, and AWS Code Star.

Test Ops

Our QA Automation and Testing experts specialize in discovering automation opportunities, select the right methodologies, design suitable automation strategies, and implement appropriate tools, which in turn, results in bug-free codes, improved productivity and efficiencies.

Back-end Deployment

We know that an effective DevOps-backed software development strategy plays an important role in the modern business environment. So being a world-class DevOps solution provider helps in adopting a more agile and flexible approach towards world-class and successful business functioning.

Apps Deployment

Our huge pool of experienced DevOps teams consists of development and operations experts who are work together across the complete project lifecycle. Their understanding and wealth of DevOps experience play a critical role in creating a smooth and project-wide communication flow, thus delivering a business-centric solution.

Case Study

Since inception, we have experience of delivering exceptional solutions to clients across the world. That’s why we have an extensive case study list which has now become our key asset and a viable proof of our competence.

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  • Disaster recovery strategy and solution for their existing SaaS offering (for Cloud managed Wi-Fi), which was built upon multi tenant AWS infrastructure.
  • Strategy design and implementation which ensures complete workflows for Wi-Fi access, security and engagement, ensuring high reliability that is automated, scalable, secure and cost effective.


  • Perform and manage automated backup and recovery process.
  • Provided unified interface to trigger backup and recovery..
  • Provides centralized configurations.
  • Provided a solution to capture the detailed logs and key statistics like RPO (Recovery Point Objective) and RTO (Recovery Time Objective).


  • Backup and recovery mechanism has been implemented as a part of integrated framework.
  • Mechanism comprising of unified CLI interface, centralized configuration metadata, consolidated logs and statistics, unified data store to track the end to end workflows and operations and checks to ensure the sanity.


Country: CredenceOne

Industry: IT Consulting Services

Country: India


About Customer:

CredenceOne is an IT Infrastructure strategy & consulting firm that brings a disciplined and realistic approach in transforming IT by using proven methodologies, frameworks, and best practices based on vast Industry experience in IT Infrastructure Management.


  • Increase happiness and engagement of the employees towards work
  • Make employees more self-aware about their emotions
  • Provide rich analytics to the company


  • Delivered a cloud native cross platform application which monitors employees’ psychological states and traits by the use of polls / surveys
  • A web dashboard providing rich analytics, employer / manager engagement, etc


  • Engaged, happy and productive employees
  • Financial value creation by increased productivity
  • Analytics to optimise performance and retain talent


Country: Joynaut

Industry: Health, Wellness and Wellbeing

Country: India


About Customer:

HappyWorks is a corporate wellness and wellbeing, integrated Smartphone and desktop app, which provides rich analytics for designing and executing targeted interventions, measuring RoI of interventions, and knowing the real-time pulse of the organisation.


  • Scale business and operational efficiency by automating the business process management activities.
  • Integrate the silo applications with the help of cutting-edge digital technologies of Cloud, Mobility and Analytics.


  • Delivered a holistic, scalable and cost effective solution on AWS.
  • Created an “always available” environment.
  • Real-time error monitoring and notifications. Integration with payment gateways for credit, debitand ACH.


  • Cloud centric approach (including Serverless application).
  • Connecting the Loan origination system and customer servicing system, thus zeroed down the manual effort through automation.
  • Reduced huge operational expenditure(opex).

Universal Financial Company

Country: Universal Financial Company

Industry: Auto finance

Country: United States


About Customer:

Universal Financial Company provides simple, affordable, no-hassle financial services to dealers and their customers.


  • Web Application REAM migration from Rackspace physical servers to Cloud
  • Define cost effective cloud solution
  • Set up cloud Infra as hosting solution for various environments – Dev, QA, Stage, Prod


  • AWS became the solution to remove WVI’s predicament
  • Scalex designed environment specific, cost effective/optimized solution
  • Scalable, Fault Tolerant & highly available Web & Data server 
  • Active-active Elastic Load Balancing


  • Rendered REAM application as future-proof
  • Single overloaded server converted to cost effective auto scaled group of servers  to handle load during peak hours
  • Enhanced security of Data & Web servers with VPC & HTTPS support

World Vision International

Country: World Vision International

Country: United States


About Customer:

For nearly 70 years, World Vision has been committed to protecting and caring for children and those in need. World Vision International is an Evangelical Christian humanitarian aid, development, and advocacy organization.