Choose Python for rapid development and make your web and mobile apps work seamlessly

We leverage highly adaptable and integral development language Python to deploy your complex enterprise-level website or backend for Android or iOS platform


Python Software Development

We have a team of expert Python developers who can develop custom software suitable for your business.


Python CMS development

Our developers have expertise in Python-based Wagtail open-source CMS to make a website more effective.


Dynamic Website Development

We offer a highly-customizable & dynamic website with Python language, which provides a competitive edge to stay ahead in the industry.


Python PHP Integration

Our Python experts help you in the seamless integration of PHP & Python to leverage the potential of both technologies.


Web App Development

Our expertise in Python development makes us an outstanding choice when it comes to develop an enterprise-level web app.


Support & Maintenance

Our support team provides 24*7 maintenance and post-development support services with regular functionality updates.

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We Deliver Happiness to our Customers by meeting their expectations

We are realistic about there may be disruption or issues, but we wanted to have clear communication and faster responses. And Scalex built our trust by being proactive, responding to our requirements and keeping us informed always. They helped with solutions like centralized configurations and unified interface to trigger backup and recovery etc. And the result has been delivered with enhanced reliability and increased bandwidth at a lesser cost.


Being a leading auto-finance company, we wanted to adopt a ‘go digital’ strategy and to start with, we were looking to scale business and operational efficiency by automating our business processes. And Scalex through its cloud-centric approach helped us in minimizing the manual effort by 94% through automation. Their range of services to refactor applications, data and infrastructure helped us in innovating quickly by cutting operating costs, increasing business agility and reducing time-to market.

Universal Financial Company

We connected with Scalex for Analytics based SaaS platform. And Scalex helped us in developing an exceptionally robust and functional platform. Their development team handled all the issues promptly and proved their excellent product management and communication skills. The most appreciating point was they made sure aby milestones timely delivery weren’t missed. They were highly pro-active, responsive and has the exceptional documentation expertise, which always helped us in keeping updated about the project’s current status.


Application Development Process

Our Solution Development Cycle helps develop a future-proof solutions

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We don't just build apps but unparalleled success for your business


Building Digital Brands

Automate and streamline your business with digital applications on Cloud


Full-Stack Engineering

Build your full-stack engineering teams to digitize your business


24X7 Support

Relax and run your business with 24X7 5-star application support

Engagement Models

Our designed engagement models are suitable for your any needs of project


Time & Material Model

In this model, a customer will be billed on a month to month basis for the number of hours spent by a resource on your project.


Fixed Cost Model

This model works very well when project requirements & specifications are clearly defined


Dedicated Team Model

This model allows you to build your dedicated teams within your budget for short-term and long term projects.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Python is one of the most widely adopted general-purpose modern scripting-languages. (Javascript is used more by pure volume, but is fairly rare for anything other than webpages) It seems a pretty safe bet that Python is here to stay over the next decade.

You can use python to create web applications on many levels of complexity. Python having many frameworks for Web development such as PyramidDjango, Flask.

Python is the choice for data science, AI, and machine learning tasks. On the other hand, when we need to write applications for end users, especially embedded and cross-platform apps, Java is likely going to be at the top of the list. Java is also an outstanding choice for creating server-side code. Whether or not those preferences hold true for you, hopefully this comparison is helpful in making your own choices of programming languages.

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