SuitUP is an e-commerce app that makes the purchases more accessible than ever. The app offers a set of features that facilitate the buyer’s journey, deliver a great user experience (UX), and ensure that making a purchase is smooth and easy.

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Key Features

Easy Login & Registrations: Simplified registrations form allowing customers to use their email address as the login, let’s them log in via social accounts such as Facebook or Google, or with an individual passcode.

User-friendly Navigation & Interface: Clean and attractive user interface of the app allows the user to surf the app comfortably while looking over the products.

Product Gallery: Users get to see a product from many different angles, which brings them closer to an enjoyable shopping experience.

Product Description: Customers interested in buying a product can check its details such as type, size, weight, color, material, and warranty. They have all the information available in one place.

Product Filtering & Sorting: Users can quickly find the products they’re interested in, without having to browse the entire product gallery. Its intelligent product search engine shows other relevant items whenever a particular product is searched.

Flexible Checkout & Secure In-App Payment – Customers can use this feature to pay for their order quickly and securely. Payment gateways offer many payment options such as online transfer, credit card payment, paying with mobile wallets.

Real-Time Order Monitoring: The user can track down the progress of their ordered product regarding delay reasons.

Tech Stack

Technologies we leveraged while developing SuitUp

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