Log Analytics Using AWS


Log Analytics Using AWS

The client company provides auto-financing solutions to dealers and their customers.

Industry: Financial Services


  • The client company was looking for a centralized log monitoring and management solution that enables them to access dispersed log files such as deployed microservices, infrastructure, security, and on-premise logs to capture and analyze business data.
  • The client has a small team so they were looking for a cost-effective solution to monitor the logs for the IT operations team to identify intrusion attempts and misconfigurations, track application performance, improve customer satisfaction, strengthen security, perform root cause analysis and analyze system behavior, performance, measures, and metrics based on the logs analysis.


  • Scalex consults the client company on how to improve their processes and optimize their costs. It involves enhancing the way log files are used. We migrated the client’s documentation monitoring system into the AWS ELK (Elasticsearch, Logstash, and Kibana) stack to generate real-time visualizations, delivering a convenient end-user experience with a Kibana-based dashboard.
  • Amazon Elasticsearch Service with built-in Kibana allows the company to get near real-time insights into platform usage. With Logstash seamlessly integrated into Amazon Elasticsearch Service, the company easily ingests millions of new log lines/metrics per day.
  • For the needs of the client, we implemented a solution that monitors Application, Event Logs, and other log types, stores the data in ElasticSearch. This solution guarantees that a particular set of recipients (CXOs) receive notifications based on concrete rules, applied to the logged information. We chose the dashboards in Kibana to visualize the log files. The solution helped the client gain actionable insights to achieve operational excellence.


  • The proposed solution also takes care of administrative functions including monitoring, failure recovery, and patching, allowing the company to save a significant amount of operational time and therefore reduced cost.
  • The company is now able to run and manage applications on top of AWS and effectively analyze their log data. Also, with easy-to-use dashboards and data visualizations, the company is now able to understand and translate events and bring more visibility to every component of the stack.

Log Analytics with ELK & AWS

Tech Stack

Technologies we leveraged while developing analytical solution for the company

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