Universal Financial Company


Digitization of Auto-lending Process

Universal Financial Company is an auto-financing company providing simple, affordable, no-hassle financial services to dealers and their customers.

Industry: Financial Services


  • The client company was looking to convert the auto lending cycle from a manual process to a digitized functionality.
  • A clear understanding of application workloads and how they can be moved to the cloud was strategized.


  • Customer saw immense value in leveraging the cloud for the workloads and modern application architecture.
  • By connecting the Loan origination system and customer servicing system, the manual efforts have reduced almost to none.
  • The company now leverages the proven Amazon’s infrastructure build around available solutions thereby reducing investment and maintenance costs.


  • Cloud-based approach not only offered scalability and flexibility across originations and services but has also redefined consumer experience with reduced costs.
  • By establishing a cloud-centric approach, the company can more easily streamline operations and processes and make the most of their human resources.
  • With digital and web interface they can now deliver new and better customer experiences backed by faster processing times, greater convenience, any time/anywhere availability, and a seamless flow of information that gratifies consumers.
  • With Digitization the company now can continuously offer value-added services, evolve and simplify their services, and stay competitive by locking in customer value.

Tech Stack

Technologies we leveraged while developing Universal Financial Company


Universal Financial Company

Being a leading auto-finance company, we wanted to adopt a ‘go digital’ strategy. We were looking to scale business and operational efficiency by automating our business processes. Scalex through its cloud-centric approach helped us in minimizing the manual effort by 94% through automation. Their range of services to refactor applications, data and infrastructure has helped us in innovating quickly by cutting operating costs, increasing business agility, and reducing time-to-market.

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