Cloud Cost Optimization App

Cloudinspot is a scalable platform designed specifically for cloud cost monitoring and optimization, where users can manage their entire AWS cloud infrastructure.

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  • As AWS usage increases across multiple product teams, understanding cloud usage and costs is critical for identifying cost-reduction opportunities. An easy fix for cloud cost optimization was an automated scheduling tool that can monitor the usage and make recommendations. Scalex developed Cloudinspot – AWS cost optimizer app.
  • Cloudinspot is a simple-to-use app built to help users understand, analyze, optimize, and track daily cloud usage while achieving significant cost savings while ensuring the highest level of compliance.


  • Cloudinspot helps startups and SMBs to avoid unexpected AWS usage bills. It can be integrated with CSP like AWS account(s) on platforms like – MS Teams and Slack.
  • Also, companies can analyze the micro-level cost spend daily with Cloudinspot.


  • The Cloudinspot anomaly detection capabilities optimize costs for various Amazon Web Services. Customers can leverage this feature to detect abnormal behavior in usage and cost for the provisioned AWS services. For example, detecting a sudden spike amongst the deployed service(s) or detecting small growth in cost, which may lead to significant change.
  • With Cloudinspot, companies can now make significant cost savings while tracking their cloud spend and can generate on-demand interactive reports.

Cloudinspot Architecture


Tech Stack

Technologies we leveraged while developing Cloudinspot

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