Product Maintenance & Sustenance

Our business-centric app maintenance & support services ensure your app remains competitive and revenue-generating

Used in Product Maintainace & Sustenance

Delivering Bespoke Maintenance Services That Meet All Your Business Needs

Our prompt maintenance & support services ensure your mobile app always remains scalable, robust, secure, and ahead of the competition. Thus enabling increasing product productivity, and gaining higher app ROI.

Annual Maintenance Contract

We offer best-in-class technical support, corrective maintenance, bug fixing, and app version upgrades, etc.

Part Time / Full Time Contract

Our adept team manages all the maintenance tasks including app upgrades, app monitoring, and enhancements.

Scope Based Maintenance

Having a routine schedule for assessing key app features and performance help us increase customer satisfaction.

OS and Server Migration

We help in technology advancements, migrations and application-specific settings, files, and info management.

3rd Party Maintenance

Offerings that are important in a hybrid support model involves a combination of OEM support, third-party maintenance, and right strategies.

Bug and task tracking

While developing and doing software updates, both development and testing team go hand in hand.

Why Scalex for your Next project?

We don't just build apps but unparalleled success for your business

Full-Stack Engineering

Build your full-stack engineering teams to digitize your business

Building Digital Brands

Automate and streamline your business with digital applications on Cloud

24X7 Support

Relax and run your business with 24X7 5-star application support

How We Engage

Try our risk-free engagement models for your digital and cloud projects

Fixed Cost Model

This model works very well when project requirements & specifications are clearly defined

Time & Material Model

In this model, a customer will be billed on a month to month basis for the number of hours spent by a resource on your project.

Dedicated Team Model

This model allows you to build your dedicated teams within your budget for short-term and long term projects.

Frequently Asked Questions?

Yes, we offer one stop solution for all your business and technology needs. Be it idea validation, business analysis, design, development, testing, deployment to product support – we do it all. We can not only help you with MVPs, but also can help you build a real solution that can actually scale on your requirements and demand.

There is no assigned time for developing a product. It varies from business to business. So it’s always better to consult with experts to know the exact timeline of building software for your Start-up.

Just like solutions for other categories, Start-up development cost depends on various factors including the type and target industry. So, its always recommended consulting an expert to get the cost estimate.

Do You Have a Digital Project?

We have built several digital applications globally, we can help you too. Schedule a risk-free consultation call today.

Do You Have a Digital Project?

We have built several digital applications globally, we can help you too. Schedule a risk-free consultation call today.