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Kotlin is ever-growing for the benefits it provides in building robust and scalable native Android apps. Leverage Scalex’s deep experience and expertise in building Kotlin apps


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We leverage Kotlin JavaScript Library to build interactive UIs that delivers exceptional and intuitive customer experience


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Get a robust app developed with high-end features and functionality leveraging the rising technology - Kotlin.


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Our Kotlin App developers can help you in fixing issues and bugs from your existing Kotlin App for optimized performance.


QA and Testing

Our QA experts thoughtfully examine Kotlin project, right from the initial stage, till its seamless execution, to make your app bug-free.


Kotlin Migration

Our expert Kotlin developers are always ready to support clients. App migration can be done in a seamless manner whenever asked or required.


Kotlin App Maintenance

Our support and maintenance team provides 24*7 maintenance and post-development support services.

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We are realistic about there may be disruption or issues, but we wanted to have clear communication and faster responses. And Scalex built our trust by being proactive, responding to our requirements and keeping us informed always. They helped with solutions like centralized configurations and unified interface to trigger backup and recovery etc. And the result has been delivered with enhanced reliability and increased bandwidth at a lesser cost.


Being a leading auto-finance company, we wanted to adopt a ‘go digital’ strategy and to start with, we were looking to scale business and operational efficiency by automating our business processes. And Scalex through its cloud-centric approach helped us in minimizing the manual effort by 94% through automation. Their range of services to refactor applications, data and infrastructure helped us in innovating quickly by cutting operating costs, increasing business agility and reducing time-to market.

Universal Financial Company

We connected with Scalex for Analytics based SaaS platform. And Scalex helped us in developing an exceptionally robust and functional platform. Their development team handled all the issues promptly and proved their excellent product management and communication skills. The most appreciating point was they made sure aby milestones timely delivery weren’t missed. They were highly pro-active, responsive and has the exceptional documentation expertise, which always helped us in keeping updated about the project’s current status.


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Build your full-stack engineering teams to digitize your business


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Our designed engagement models are suitable for your any needs of project


Time & Material Model

In this model, a customer will be billed on a month to month basis for the number of hours spent by a resource on your project.


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This model works very well when project requirements & specifications are clearly defined


Dedicated Team Model

This model allows you to build your dedicated teams within your budget for short-term and long term projects.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Kotlin programming language is a new and much younger than Java, but it is a promising programming language. Google has announced that it is making Kotlin, an official language for writing or to develop android apps.

Here’re a few benefits of Kotlin for Android app development, which you won’t get by using Java:

  • Null-safety
  • String templates
  • Primary constructors
  • Singletons
  • Operator overloading
  • Declaration-site variance & Type projections
  • Support for IDEs and Tools
  • Data classes
  • 100% Interoperable With Java
  • Range expressions
  • Extension functions

Kotlin is a new programming language for Android development announced by Google in May 2017. It is a statically-typed programming language based on Java Virtual Machine. Kotlin is being said the future of Android programming owing to its beauty that gives programmers the power to write safer and more reliable code.

Use with Android:

A number of coders and programmers at startups around the globe have adopted Kotlin because of its promise of ease along with compatibility with Java. This means they do not have to start working from scratch and the code can be mixed and matched with Java.

Android Studio is a Softwere use to create Android Apps .

While kotlin is new programming language added to android studio to create android app .

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