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Java is an object-oriented & platform-independent language that is widely used for web and enterprise applications. It enables the engineering of robust, scalable, and cross-functional solutions and technology ecosystems capable of addressing real-world business problems. From web apps to native apps, Android apps, IoT-based applications, enterprise apps, and more, there is a range of apps that rely on this open-source language. Scalex offers Java application development services to companies to develop superior solutions that put you over the competition and drive your digital acceleration.

Popular Java Development Frameworks

We are a reliable Java development company and have a thorough understanding of various Java frameworks to meet your business requirements that offer a certain level of flexibility with optimum performance and security.

Spring is a very popular, powerful lightweight application development framework used for Enterprise Java (JEE). It is an open-source framework and covers a lot of features including security and configuration.
Hibernate is a stable, lightweight ORM Java framework that simplifies the development of applications via its features like database interactivity and many more.
Struts is an Apache-run enterprise-level framework perfect for web applications. This fully-featured Java web application framework allows developers to create an easy-to-maintain Java application.
Vaadin is the open-source flagship amongst the Java frameworks. Vaadin is purpose-built for web application development. It uses HTML5 and sets application starters and necessary tools for web application development.
Leverage The Power Of Java For Right Solutions

Java provides a rich and wide range of API that helps programmers to develop a variety of applications. Scalex is the pioneer in offering Java development services, helping companies to innovate and grow with customized solutions.

Web Application Development
Web Application Development

Well known server-side programming language, Java is heavily used for developing web applications.

Cloud-Based Solutions
Cloud-Based Solutions

Java provides the environment to develop cloud-based applications. Develop SaaS, LaaS, and PaaS solutions with Java.

Enterprise Application Development
Enterprise Application Development

With a set of APIs and a runtime environment, Java EE facilitates the development of enterprise applications.

The Benefits Of Choosing Java

Speaking about the suitability of Java for businesses, this is one language widely appreciated for serving versatility, innovation, and performance for enterprise-grade applications. Java allows businesses to generate more revenue with a faster turnaround by developing feature-rich and modern mobile applications.

Faster Time To Market

Highly Scalable

Cost-Effective Development

Portable & Platform Independent

Enhanced Security

Distributed Computing


Automatic memory management

Our Java Application Development Services

Being a trusted Java app development company, our experienced Java developers are capable of delivering full-stack, comprehensive Java solutions. We provide end-to-end Java development services which are targeted to deliver solutions that bring solid business benefits.

Jav development company
  • Custom Java Application Development
  • Java/J2EE Software Development
  • Mobile App Solutions
  • Java CMS Development
  • Java Migration & Integration
  • Java Support & Maintenance
Industry Verticals We Serve

Whichever industry you are in, we can build feature-rich native applications to help you lower down the development cost and maximize your revenue. Scalex holds immense experience working with diverse industry verticals while delivering top-notch Java applications.

What Makes Scalex A Right Choice For Java Development Services?

At Scalex, we strive to add value to each mobile app development project that comes our way. We are a trusted company when it comes to building software and mobile solutions with Java. With a great portfolio of Java applications, our team has substantial experience that helps us to deliver quality products faster.

Experienced Java Developers

Our Java developers are highly equipped with the latest technology and languages to deliver top-notch quality applications with utmost efficiency.

Strategic Approach

We provide the best consultation on language, library, and frameworks in a result-oriented manner to deliver your Java projects.

Competitive Pricing

We offer the most competitive rates in the industry. Our range of services meets the diverse budget needs of a global clientele.

Customer Satisfaction

We deliver Java application development services that align with our clients’ needs. Our team always strives for customer satisfaction.

Agile Approach

We strive to deliver the best solution backed by agile tools and methodology to build a positive impact on your business.

On-time Delivery

We respect deadlines and ensure prompt delivery of all our projects with consistent results.

Integrity & Transparency

We protect your ideas and ensure complete project visibility during the development process with continuous support.

Flexible Engagement Models

We offer flexibility to our clients to select from different engagement and hiring models.

Our Java Development Use Cases

With a strong knowledge of developing web and mobile applications with Java, we are quite adept at understanding the business requirements and offering solutions that completely fit your vision.

Employee Collaboration SaaS Platform
Employee Collaboration SaaS Platform
Disaster Recovery & Backup Solution For SaaS Platform
Disaster Recovery & Backup Solution For SaaS Platform
Frequently Asked Questions

Know more about how we work and solve challenges to meet your development requirements.

Being one of the most popular programming languages Java is widely utilized for creating a wide range of software and web applications. Java has evolved as one of the most preferred languages for application development across the globe. It offers flexibility and portability due to its runtime environment, it allows developers to create solutions for various systems irrespective of the architecture or platform.

We can develop all types of web and mobile applications using Java, like - financial applications, IoT-based applications, web applications, CRM, CMS, eCommerce and marketplaces, and more.

Sure, we can. In cases where a different team has worked or is working on the project, our project managers will understand your requirements and existing documentation to assess the scope of work and man-hours required. After the analysis, we will offer you suitable engagement models.

The time to complete a project totally depends on the scope and the duration required to develop and deploy. We use agile methodologies to deliver projects on deadline with industry-standard quality.

There is no simple answer to this question due to multiple factors at play. To build a Java application you need to consider various factors including platform, features, development company, developer’s charges, and the time it takes to build an app. Simple apps cost less while complex apps cost more depending on the functionality. Looking to build software or an app! Get a free quote for your project now.

Definitely, our expert team of technology consultants will help you in finding the right technology for your project for FREE. You can request a FREE consultation or quote here.

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Build reliable, scalable, and secure Java applications to achieve your digital transformation goals.


Build reliable, scalable, and secure Java applications to achieve your digital transformation goals.

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