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Digital Transformation In Insurance Industry

The wave of digital transformation is set to create a new set of opportunities for insurance companies to optimize business processes and achieve sustainable marketable success. COVID-19 has acted as a catalyst for insurance companies reshaping the current and future state of the industry. Right from operations being streamlined, customer interactions via chat, automatic claims processing, to aggregating all the information is allowing insurers to work faster and more accurately.

Tailormade InsurTech Software Solutions

Our custom insurance software development services help companies in reducing claims, operational costs, increasing savings, and ultimately creating an efficient and competitive business. Our insurance software solutions help insurers digitize offerings and achieve new levels of efficiency.

Custom Application Development
Custom Application Development

We offer world-class insurance application development services to address your customers’ needs throughout the insurance lifecycle.

Custom CRM Development
Custom CRM Development

We help you automate daily tasks within your workflow and maximize efficiency with a custom-built CRM platform.

Insurance Carrier Software Solutions
Insurance Carrier Software Solutions

We help you build solutions for insurance agents, transaction processing, and underwriters management.

Insurance Claims Management Solutions
Insurance Claims Management Solutions

We build solutions to manage the claims process efficiently, quickly, and with the highest possible security level.

Insurance Quoting Software Solutions
Insurance Quoting Software Solutions

We help you implement multi-carrier quoting modules within the professional quoting engine to optimize the quoting experience across devices.

Financial Software Development Solutions
Financial Software Development Solutions

With help startups and enterprises to embrace new business models with ourFinancial Software Development Solutionsthat address the transformation in the fintech space.

Our Technology Capabilities For InsurTech Industry

Understanding the expectations of end-users, we put special focus on creating software solutions that support a unique user experience, ensure the highest level of security, and build a bridge between legacy insurance systems and modern insurtech software solutions.

1.Digital Infrastructure

We can build a digital strategy for your insurance products that supports complete functionality, decreases infrastructure costs, and eliminates downtimes.

2.Feature-rich Applications

We provide highly innovative and interactive features in insurance applications for our clients making them unique and more productive.

3.Legacy System Modernization

We migrate critical parts of your on-premise systems to the cloud, structuring the large volume of legacy data and the most critical features in secure warehouses.

4.Latest Technologies

Stay relevant and in demand by providing the experience your customers need with the latest technologies like Big data, AI & ML, IoT, and Blockchain.

5.Seamless Integrations

We help you put together all insurance facets by integrating solutions with collaboration apps, CRM solutions, payment systems, BI tools, and social media networks.


We focus on secure authorization, service architecture, data encryption, and fraud detection that are all essential in the insurtech app development process.

Why Scalex For Insurance Software Development Solutions?

As a leading insurance software development company, Scalex helps companies develop applications and platforms to achieve higher customer satisfaction, driven by improved service, and faster processing times.

InsurTech Experts Line

InsurTech Experts

Our highly skilled teams will help you develop insurance applications using deep tech technologies and innovative practices.

Agile Approach Line

Agile Approach

We strive to deliver the best solution backed by agile tools and methodology to build a positive impact on your business.

Flexible Engagement Line

Flexible Engagement

We engage with our clients throughout the development process while delivering solutions as per their requirements.

On-time Delivery Line

On-time Delivery

We respect deadlines and ensure prompt delivery of all our projects while generating consistent results for our clients.

transparency Line

100% Transparency

We provide maximum transparency during the development process with continuous integration.

Maintenance and Support Line

Maintenance and Support

We provide 24x7 support to ensure that your application is always ready and bug-free to serve your customers.

Our Insurance Case Studies

We have successfully developed and delivered unparalleled Insurance applications to several startups and business professionals. Take a glimpse at how Scalex clients have scaled their services by adopting insurance product development solutions.

Digitization of Auto-lending Process
Digitization of Auto-lending Process
SaaS Platform For InsurTech Company
SaaS Platform For InsurTech Company
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Frequently Asked Questions

Know more about how we work and solve challenges to meet your insurance software development requirements.

As the word states, InsurTech is Insurance and Technology and is the result of the convergence between digitization, disruptive innovation strategies, and the insurance sector. InsurTech powers the creation, distribution, and administration of insurance businesses. Smartphone apps, wearables, claims processing tools, online policy handling, and automated processing are all insurtech.

Smartphones have started emerging as a powerful tool that improves operational efficiencies and customer experience. As a result of this wave of digital transformation, companies in the insurance space are exploring the prospect of mobile applications. Insurance mobile apps are top-rated among people nowadays due to the ease and convenience these apps offer. And an insurance company would be too smart for its own good, not to explore this option.

    Insurtech can help you -
  • save time and money
  • simplify underwriting by automating information collection
  • introduce newer methods of insurance distribution such as peer-to-peer (P2P) insurance
  • automating claims, reducing errors, and automatically enforcing contracts
  • promote innovative new products

There is no simple answer to this question due to multiple factors at play. To build an insurance app you need to consider various factors including platform, features, development company, developer’s charges, and the time it takes to build a fintech app. Simple apps cost less while complex apps cost more depending on the functionality. Have a project in mind? Get a free quote for your project.

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