Healthcare Digital Solutions

We build digital web and mobile apps and automate processes for the Healthcare industry.


Why Digital Is Next Revolution In Healthcare?

Transform your healthcare business with the latest technology to engage more customers, streamline workflows, enhance workforce productivity, and increase the bottom line

Enhanced User Experience

We build Inter-operable, more engaging, and smarter health apps that has faster response times and better return on investment

Workforce Productivity

Custom-developed healthcare apps streamline workflows, resulting in overall enhancement for workforce productivity.

Revenue Boost

Innovation in handling operations, customer service and marketing, in turn, helps in boosting the revenue of healthcare business.

Solutions We Provide In Healthcare Industry

We offer a robust suite of healthcare technology services tailored to your business needs

Patient Care System

Scalex excels in providing multiple customer-centric solutions for Patient Care Management system.

Electronic health record System

Scalex provides secured and highly reliable electronic health record system, which is easy to integrate with the hospital system.

Laboratory Management System

Scalex excels in building an integrated clinical lab management system that facilitate timely diagnosis followed by accurate reports.

Online Pharmacy

We can help you build a web and mobile healthcare solution that allows patients to buy medicines online and book appointments and consultation.

E-health information exchange

Our e-health information exchange solution allows you to exchange all medical information related to patient with doctors, pharmacologists & family members.

Mobile Learning

Our team of expert developers are proficient in building accessible, user-centric and flexible training app for healthcare professionals and trainers.

Why Scalex for your Next project?

We don't just build apps but unparalleled success for your business

Full-Stack Engineering

Build your full-stack engineering teams to digitize your business

Building Digital Brands

Automate and streamline your business with digital applications on Cloud

24X7 Support

Relax and run your business with 24X7 5-star application support

How We Engage

Try our risk-free engagement models for your digital and cloud projects

Fixed Cost Model

This model works very well when project requirements & specifications are clearly defined

Time & Material Model

In this model, a customer will be billed on a month to month basis for the number of hours spent by a resource on your project.

Dedicated Team Model

This model allows you to build your dedicated teams within your budget for short-term and long term projects.

Frequently Asked Questions

Enterprise apps basically refer to the set of applications that organizations and Enterprises use to organize their internal processes, meet the challenges, and provide an improved work experience to their employees.

Scalex’s Enterprise App Developers are proficient in providing various enterprise mobile solutions in healthcare industry. We have a strong knowledge base and expertise of developing best-in-class and challenging Enterprise mobility projects. And, that’s why we offer differentiated and strong enterprise mobility services and solutions.

The latest trends in enterprise application development in healthcare industry is empowering businesses with the power of emerging and latest technologies like AR, VR, Blockchain and AI. Additionally, technology integration is another trend that is noticed in the enterprise app domain. Over the time, businesses are aiming to make employee experience similar across all the platforms they interact with.

Do You Have a Digital Project?

We have built several digital applications globally, we can help you too.

Do You Have a Digital Project?

We have built several digital applications globally, we can help you too. Schedule a risk-free consultation call today.