Key Features

A user-centric mobile app and Saas platform for employees and employers

Positive Culture: Positive culture leads to high morale, self esteem and happiness amongst employees.

Happy and flourishing employees: Happy and flourishing employees make for productive employees and result in less absenteeism or attrition.

Marketplace for life skills: Discover and learn from those who have the required life skills.

Easy to Use: An intuitive and exceptional User Interface that leads to a great user experience and engagement.

Prompts and Nudges: Regular prompts to keep track of one’s well-being and provide regular feedback to the organisation.

Intuitive Web Dashboard: A web solution to view and track engagement across the organisation.

Mobile Convenience: A mobile app to instantly thanks peers and endorse their strengths.

Tech Stack

Technologies we leveraged while developing HappyWorks

Our process

Our standardized mobile app development process makes use of a specific set of capabilities, resources, and related tools to successfully plan, develop and deliver desired mobile app within the predetermined budget and time-frame

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