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Microservices Deployment

Build, Deploy and manage microservice architecture using containers or serverless with simplified configuration.

Microservices Deployment

Build, Deploy and manage microservice architecture using containers or serverless with simplified configuration.


Automate build, test and deployment of your applications using AWS DevOps tools.

Continuous Monitoring

Monitor the end to end flow of your application and performance to improve resiliency.

Frequently Asked Questions

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DevOps practice allows quick and efficient product deliveries with shorter development cycles, high deployment frequency, and more dependable releases in line with business objectives.

DevOps is really an extension of Agile methodologies, but it is also more of a culture or philosophy. You can adopt DevOps without practicing Agile methodologies since there is clearly more to DevOps than just the software development lifecycle (SDLC), but it may be harder. Agile certainly compliments DevOps with its iterative processes more than other SDLC’s, such as the Waterfall model.

Smaller organizations can benefit greatly from adopting a DevOps solution. Because it allows them to scale up during growth and act more competitive. Moreover, there are no big or complex investments needed for DevOps, which means cost-effectiveness isn’t a concern. So, the advantages can be availed faster, making DevOps a low-cost solution.

There are many ways to measure change (versus churn) in your development, test, and operations activities. Choose the ones most relevant to your organization and stick with them for as long as they remain meaningful. These might include the frequency and quantity of new code or features being written, the number of test cases created, the quantity of infrastructure, or service deliveries by Ops. Not all the pre and post DevOps comparisons are going to be particularly enlightening, but enough of them will be worth the efforts.

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We connected with Scalex for Analytics based SaaS platform. Scalex helped us in developing an exceptionally robust and functional platform. Their development team handled all the issues promptly and proved their excellent product management and communication skills. They made sure the milestones delivery weren’t missed and were highly proactive and responsive. Scalex team has exceptional documentation expertise which helped us in keeping updates about the project’s current status.

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