Build and Enhance Cloud applications With AWS Well-Architected Framework

AWS Well-Architected Framework
December 28, 2018 | 5 min read

Cloud applications are a software program where local and cloud-based components cooperate to satisfy a specific necessity. This model totally depends upon remote servers for dealing with the logic that is retrieved through an internet browser with a predictable web association. Generally, cloud and data processing are overseen over the cloud through an API (application program interface) dissimilar to the user’s viewpoint of considering cloud applications carries on like an ordinary site. Here are a few reasons that will help you understand why Cloud applications with AWS Well-Architected Framework are popular-

  • Cloud applications are getting more important day by day. The reason behind it is its cost-cutting benefit to support the server system online.
  •  The wide accessibility of cloud applications provides huge interaction easily from anywhere.
  • Cloud applications have better reliability to cut costs by controlling the frequency of using
  • The safety and backup of the data are necessary, cloud applications just assure them once again.

Challenges with building cloud-based solutions

A cloud-based solution signifies a service that is only available on demand. The service is related to applications, storage, networks, and so on. The service is provided only through the medium of the internet. It increases scalability and reduces the cost of the infrastructure. The capacity of the system increases along with such benefits. In the era of the smartphone, it has become more convenient to access cloud-based solutions from anywhere. Challenges for Cloud-based solutions are listed here for an idea –

  • A network connection is mandatory for cloud-based solutions. A cloud computing system in a cloud-based solution needs a network for reviving any data. Transferring any data also needs the same thing
  • The shortcomings are common with cloud-based solutions regarding storage and space. Premium offers are chargeable as always for fulfilling the need for an extra space requirement.
  • The concerns regarding monitoring and controlling are always there. The safety-related to the cloud servers come with an explanation for the users but it is not clarified in some cases.
  • Hacking the system is one of the biggest issues for users. Cloud hacking is becoming a common and targeted case now a day.
  • Once there are some technical issues, one must get in touch with the support system. Otherwise, it might be challenging for users.

Five pillars of Well-Architected Framework

AWS a well-architected framework is a development built to aid in cloud architect. Well-Architected Framework supports the infrastructure as it is based on five pillars. It designs some rules for cloud solutions for a better operation. The architect of technology solutions is made easier with the Well Architect Framework. The system gets an enhancement with WAF and its 5 pillars.

Five Pillars of Well-Architected Framework

  • Operational excellence: Operational Excellence is one of the prime reasons for the AWS Well-Architected Framework to be chosen, which can be measured by its unwavering quality, dexterity, execution & on-time delivery.  To support the outcome of the business, operation teams must understand the business & customer’s requirements effectively. They need to collect all metrics & measure the KPIs to reach the goal.
  • Security: Security is one of the most significant facets to protect a wide range of policies, technologies, functionalities, etc. deployed to secure data, applications, & all the indulged framework of cloud computing. Before looking to develop a security system, all security influential practices should be noted down. Also, various security incidents should be identified to protect & maintain the confidentiality and integrity of data through data protection.
  • Reliability: Reliability implies the probability of a framework/ frame for performing the necessary functions in a time frame without failure. 

To accomplish reliability, a framework must have a well-arranged establishment, with systems for taking care of requirements. The framework ought to be intended to recognize system failure and automatically recuperate itself.

  • The performance efficiency: The performance efficiency pillar incorporates the capacity to utilize computing assets proficiently to meet framework necessities and to preserve that required efficiency as technological advancement. A data-driven strategy should be adopted to choose an elite & high-performing architecture.
  • The cost optimization pillar: The cost optimization pillar fuses the ability to stay away from worthless expense or sub-optimal resources considering the prior need for cost-effective resources. Here, the key to cost saving is appropriate research to get good references, instances, and resources. 

Overcome the challenges with AWS Well-Architected Framework

  • Operational excellence ensures a better monitoring system. And it ensures cloud-based solutions to work with excellence regarding transferring and storing data.
  • Hacking risks will be at bay once there will be an AWS Well-Architected Framework. The tight security protects the whole system and works as a shield.
  • Improve business performance with AWS Well-Architected Framework cost optimization without paying for any hidden charges.
  • The performance efficiency of AWS Well-Architected Framework provides an all-around efficient controlling and monitoring with some detailed clarification for the user’s convenience.
  • Performance failure is negligible with AWS Well-Architected Framework. So, get an assurance of reliability with a support system.

About AWS Well-Architected Tool

This AWS Well-Architected tool is concerned with AWS Well-Architected Framework. So, the system is based on the framework. The tool intends to improve performance, security, and efficiency in application infrastructure. The tool evaluates the architect efficiently. One just needs to mention the workload. Answer the questions concerning operational excellence, security, performance efficiency, reliability, and cost optimization. Now, get a workload review with the AWS Well-Architected Tool. One can get documents on the review after these three steps.

Benefits of AWS Well-Architected Tool

  • Get some access to the best practices for architectural guidance
  • Evaluate and review workload with this tool. Measure the possible risks and chances of improvement also.
  • Consistent improvement of architecture is possible with this tool. It assures the implementation of required improvement with multiple review procedures as per the user’s requirement.


Cloud computing apps are proliferating to serve IT infrastructure generating a range of business opportunities in the digital world. 

While planning and operating efficient, productive, secure, and savvy frameworks in the cloud, consideration of the AWS Well-Architected Framework is vital. It offers the best architectural practices covering all five pillars required including a set of parameters which allows reviewing existing or proposed solution. The use of the framework in a cloud architecture helps enterprises to develop efficient, effective & stable systems for different complex solutions.

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