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Accelerating your digital transformation with AWS Cloud

Drive innovation and better customer experience with AWS cloud first approach

Cloud Assessment

Helping you discover, which applications are best suited to Cloud migration, which are not and why.

Cloud Strategy

Guide you through the business, information, process, and technology changes to execute your cloud strategy.

Application & Data Migration

Angular being an exceptional JavaScript frameworks imbibes pioneering features to build better and intuitive cross-platform mobile applications

Cloud-native Capabilities

Once your workloads are moved to AWS, we help you to optimize cloud investment through cloud-native technologies.

AWS Management

Continued support for your development, operations, and maintenance activities related to critical business applications.

Cloud Cost Optimizations

Control and optimize cloud spends thought powerful insights and proactive alerts and trends

Frequently Asked Questions

With the increase in demand for agility and flexibility, companies are shifting their traditional IT systems and applications to the cloud to reap the benefits of the technology in an efficient and profitable manner. This is clearly evident from the statistics suggesting that the cloud computing services market will hit the $70 billion mark by 2020. Being a recognized and trusted AWS migration company, we have helped businesses in their AWS cloud migration.

As companies consider moving applications to the cloud, one of the most challenging steps is planning a data migration strategy, and that process involves a number of factors. As one of the biggest cloud players, AWS is a big proponent of putting its users in a position to succeed. Their white paper – An Overview of AWS Cloud Data Migration Services – is a terrific blueprint for getting started in the cloud and setting your business up to achieve its goals. Let’s take a look at a few of the highlights from the white paper.

One of the more common cloud data migration challenges is transporting data, as well as the best way to make sure your data remains secure during migration. Data transport is a real issue, and it’s important to move from your current location to the cloud without it taking too much time, money, or disrupting your company’s workflow. The bandwidth that is used for data migration will not be available for the company’s normal internet traffic. How much data is being moved and how long the data transfer will take will vary. AWS suggests a formula to help in determining how much data can be moved and how fast.

  1. Create a “cloud” account.
  2. Create a “cloud” native application.
  3. Build and run the application on the cloud.

It’s that simple. Get a bit more specific on what you want to run, how you want to run it, and where you want to run it to get more specific answers.

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