Tips on Choosing the Right Pricing Strategy for your Mobile App

For every Apprenuer, building a great mobile application takes center stage. Since the app development process has been repeatedly talked about, a considerable amount of time and effort is spent on discovery, design, and development.  Sure, providing value to the end-users is the prime goal behind any app but pricing a digital product is an equally important aspect, one that should not be overlooked. It…

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Application or Website – Which one you should develop first?

Application or Website - Which one you should develop first? In today’s fast pacing digital world, having a digital identity has become a necessary step for all business owners. However, there is a never-ending confusion regarding the best digital platform selection, the mobile app, or the website? While entering the market with your own start-up, it becomes absolutely crucial to…

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Complete Guide for Developing a Mobile Wallet App

Mobile wallet app makes it convenient and easy to pay bills or transact by just using mobile devices. Mobile wallet apps are quickly gaining approval momentum according to a survey conducted in the USA for three consecutive years. In 2015 we found out that 39% of the respondents made payments through mobile phones. In the year 2016, 32% of the…

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