About Scalex

Change is inevitable. Be it a change in the market, competition, consumers’ taste or technology. Being oblivious to these changes might lead businesses towards losing their competitive advantage or failing to meet changing needs of their customers. Today, Information Technology is changing by leaps and bounds and it’s imperative for businesses to catch-up in order to remain competitive and profitable. That’s why Businesses are imbibing Digital Transformation as a core element to their business strategy when it comes to adapting to changing market dynamics.

Scalex is a Digital Engineering Company that partners with businesses to help them succeed in their journey of Digital Transformation and extract the maximum value of their IT assets. Scalex provides end-to-end product development and IT services and helps enterprises and SMBs to thrive on changing business dynamics by leveraging the power of digital technologies such as Mobility, Cloud, Analytics and DevOps while imbibing Customer-Centricity and Agility as the underlying approach.

We work very closely with leading-edge Enterprises, SMBs, and Start-Ups across the globe in their journey to ideate, implement and innovate next-gen technology products and solutions.

What differentiates us from other consulting businesses is our focus on the end-users’ experience, constant innovation, business outcomes, and our unrelenting commitment to leverage cutting-edge technologies and proven methodologies as we provide value-driven solutions to their business and IT challenges. Our engineers and industry experts are adept at taking up the challenges and leveraging newer technologies quickly and synthesizing the acquired experiences to solve business problems for our customers.

We follow agile work culture, wherein we believe in giving autonomy and flexibility to our engineers. At the same time, they continuously endeavor to deliver the best-in-class and quality solutions within the scheduled time.

Our Specialities:

  • UX Engineering and UI
  • Enterprise Web/PWA using React.js/Angular.js
  • Mobile Applications using Cross (React Native/Flutter) and Native Platforms (iOS/Android)
  • Cloud Services (Strategy, Application modernization, Cloud Applications, Serverless, SaaS)
  • Product Development Services (Discovery/Prototype/MVP/Complete Product)
  • DevOps (Deployment, Integration, and Automation)
  • Test Automation (Mobile/Web/API Automation using Python, Selenium, Appium)

Our Partners

AWS Consulting & Managed Services Partnered with Amazon Web Services (AWS), Scalex assists businesses discover, architect, manage, and migrate their AWS environments. Let’s discuss your Cloud journey.

Our Culture

Based in Pune, India, we are a trusted and skilled team of skilled developers, architects, UI/UX designers, project managers, and technology consultant.

We are committed to continuous enhancement and meeting the capability gap of businesses.

Our culture is driven by our core values and that enables us to act with integrity, transparency and work with honesty.

Since inception, we have always laid emphasis on our values.
That’s the reason our values shape our DNA.

Our Values

Leadership, Innovation, and Modernisation

We foster innovation and our team’s leadership skill has built our exceptional storied history

Quality Deliverable

We are highly focused, structured and committed for our work, which in turn, results in quality deliverables

Knowledge-Driven Team

Our knowledge-driven teams have enabled us to achieve goals faster, easier, and better

Cultural Collaboration

By having a culture of collaboration, we maximise employee knowledge and capabilities

Customer-Centric Strategies

Since inception, customer-centricity has been a part of our company’s philosophy

On-Time Delivery

Meeting customer’s expectations and on-time delivery has always our priority

Integrity, Reliability, and Transparency

Our act of integrity, transparent culture, and committed team have helped us build a strong list of happy customers


By building a model of empathy, we have always successfully boosted employee’s morale, customer satisfaction productivity

Pursuit of Excellence

Our quality management skills empower to deliver pursuit of excellence of products and services

Our Team

Pawankumar Shirbhate

Founder and Director

Mehul Kansara


Aayush Dalvi

Backend & Cloud Specialist

Akshay Lamkhade

Backend Specialist

Sushant Kamble

Web & Mobile Specialist

Khushbu Amin

DevOps Specialist

Yuvrajsinh Desai

Front-End Specialist

Clients and Partners

Here’re the customers we served, and the partners who have helped us make our technology solutions possible

Our Offerings

AWS Services

We also specialize in leveraging the best-in-class tools and AWS managed services to design, build, and support cutting-edge solutions for our clients.

Digital Apps

We offer and deliver a gamut of product development and cloud services including UI/UX, Web and Mobile app development, Microservices architecture, Cloud-native development, Infrastructure migration, and DevOps.

Cloud & Devops Services

With the goal of continuous and faster production deployments and faster releases under our belts, our team is one of the foremost experts in building serverless applications and enabling businesses to migrate to and adopt cloud-native architecture.

Process We Follow

Our Engagement Model

Fixed Time

If a client has a clear set of requirements, project scope, and end-goal, then a fixed price model is the option to go with. It works great when it is coupled with the Waterfall Software Development methodology

  • Predictability and transparency
  • Reducing time management and supervision efforts of the client
  • Getting the precise end-goal
  • Establishing the trust

Dedicated Development Center

This model is dedicated to clients who are looking to augment their existing team with a few remote specialists or willing to have a well-versed offshore development center
  • Getting complete control over all the aspects of development
  • Availing highly secured solutions and IP protection
  • Predicting the approx. budget despite of having the erratic workload and dynamic work scope
  • More flexibility as compared to a fixed price model
  • Grabbing Strong understanding of the client’s project requirements, thus leading to much more cooperation and enduring partnership
Best Value

Time and Materials

Time and material model provides much greater flexibility than the fixed-price model. When the product’s function and non-functional requirements are not very clear or they are expected to evolve rapidly, it’s challenging to predict the project’s scope
  • Extremely flexible
  • Powered by Agile software development methodology
  • Provides much greater hold on the project by the customers
  • Provides low risk to both developers and the client
  • Allows quicker development
  • Affordable for the clients

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  • Web Application REAM migration from Rackspace physical servers to Cloud
  • Define cost effective cloud solution
  • Set up cloud Infra as hosting solution for various environments – Dev, QA, Stage, Prod


  • AWS became the solution to remove WVI’s predicament
  • Scalex designed environment specific, cost effective/optimized solution
  • Scalable, Fault Tolerant & highly available Web & Data server 
  • Active-active Elastic Load Balancing


  • Rendered REAM application as future-proof
  • Single overloaded server converted to cost effective auto scaled group of servers  to handle load during peak hours
  • Enhanced security of Data & Web servers with VPC & HTTPS support

World Vision International

Country: World Vision International

Country: United States

Website: www.wvi.org

About Customer:

For nearly 70 years, World Vision has been committed to protecting and caring for children and those in need. World Vision International is an Evangelical Christian humanitarian aid, development, and advocacy organization.


  • Scale business and operational efficiency by automating the business process management activities.
  • Integrate the silo applications with the help of cutting-edge digital technologies of Cloud, Mobility and Analytics.


  • Delivered a holistic, scalable and cost effective solution on AWS.
  • Created an “always available” environment.
  • Real-time error monitoring and notifications. Integration with payment gateways for credit, debitand ACH.


  • Cloud centric approach (including Serverless application).
  • Connecting the Loan origination system and customer servicing system, thus zeroed down the manual effort through automation.
  • Reduced huge operational expenditure(opex).

Universal Financial Company

Country: Universal Financial Company

Industry: Auto finance

Country: United States

Website: http://www.universalfinancialcompany.com/

About Customer:

Universal Financial Company provides simple, affordable, no-hassle financial services to dealers and their customers.


  • Increase happiness and engagement of the employees towards work
  • Make employees more self-aware about their emotions
  • Provide rich analytics to the company


  • Delivered a cloud native cross platform application which monitors employees’ psychological states and traits by the use of polls / surveys
  • A web dashboard providing rich analytics, employer / manager engagement, etc


  • Engaged, happy and productive employees
  • Financial value creation by increased productivity
  • Analytics to optimise performance and retain talent


Country: Joynaut

Industry: Health, Wellness and Wellbeing

Country: India

Website: https://www.happyworks.io/

About Customer:

HappyWorks is a corporate wellness and wellbeing, integrated Smartphone and desktop app, which provides rich analytics for designing and executing targeted interventions, measuring RoI of interventions, and knowing the real-time pulse of the organisation.


  • Disaster recovery strategy and solution for their existing SaaS offering (for Cloud managed Wi-Fi), which was built upon multi tenant AWS infrastructure.
  • Strategy design and implementation which ensures complete workflows for Wi-Fi access, security and engagement, ensuring high reliability that is automated, scalable, secure and cost effective.


  • Perform and manage automated backup and recovery process.
  • Provided unified interface to trigger backup and recovery..
  • Provides centralized configurations.
  • Provided a solution to capture the detailed logs and key statistics like RPO (Recovery Point Objective) and RTO (Recovery Time Objective).


  • Backup and recovery mechanism has been implemented as a part of integrated framework.
  • Mechanism comprising of unified CLI interface, centralized configuration metadata, consolidated logs and statistics, unified data store to track the end to end workflows and operations and checks to ensure the sanity.


Country: CredenceOne

Industry: IT Consulting Services

Country: India

Website: https://www.credenceone.com/

About Customer:

CredenceOne is an IT Infrastructure strategy & consulting firm that brings a disciplined and realistic approach in transforming IT by using proven methodologies, frameworks, and best practices based on vast Industry experience in IT Infrastructure Management.